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    I've been a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic for over thirty years. Over time, my work has evolved. I no longer use physical therapy equipment or traditional chiropractic adjusting techniques. I now work primarily with my hands and my heart. I believe that the mind and body are one.

    My undergraduate degree is in Psychology. It was while working on my Master's degree in counselling that I injured my back and subsequently discovered chiropractic and alternative health care.

    Over the years that I have been in practice, I have studied many different types of bodywork and energy work to complement and enhance my work as a chiropractor. My work tends to flow from one type to another as I listen to what your body tells me is  needed that day.

    Treatments may include non-force chiropractic adjustments which do not involve 'neck snapping' or 'back cracking.' I frequently incorporate acupressure, cranial balancing, Reiki, breath work, reflexology and more.
    'So, what do you do?' I am never sure how to answer that question. I am a chiropractor. The difficulty with this simple response is that people have their own ideas of what a chiropractor is and isn't. Just as with any profession, there are major differences in how the specialty is practiced.With chiropractic, images of torso-twisting and neck snapping come to mind. I don't do that. Some people are afraid that once you start going to a chiropractor you have to go for the rest of your life. My patients/clients/practice members decide when they want to reschedule appontments. Of course, I make recommendations for their care but it is their decision when to return. Some people come for a few visits. Some travel and see me when they are in town. I have people that have been coming to see me for thirty years. They like how it feels during the treatment/adjustment and they appreciate the positive effect that it has on their feeling of well-being between visits.

    My postgraduate education lead to a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (DC). With this title, under New York State law comes the responsibility to diagnose and if indicated, make appropriate referrals. I read, study, and attend continuing education classes. This includes study of functional medicine, nutrition, use of herbs and homeopathy. 

    I am a doctor with a focus on holistic mind-body health care. I love working with people who want to achieve more balance in their lives; physically, mentally and emotionally.

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  • "Being a long time friend and patient of Dr. Susan Corwith, it is really her talents and gifts as a chiropractor that never fail to amaze me! Be it a crick or a long-term problem, she tackles it with all the aplomb necessary to get the best results for the patient. Her gentle manner, her gracious listening spirit, and her caring attitude all make for one great chiropractor! From a grateful patient, a million thanks!!!!"
    J. Z.

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